Sunday 13 September 2009

Wow, I made a blog!

Yup, on top of the technology curve, surfing along the crest of the wave of new innovations, and torturing metaphors unnecessarily, that's me.

Here is where I shall blog my innermost thoughts. Since my hobbies are cycling, diving, losing weight and drinking beer whilst talking crap about comics (yes, I'm aware those last two are somewhat in conflict), these will probably feature heavily, along with the odd wine-soaked rant on the crap state of what might laughably be called my love life.

Here's a starter.

Things you never expect when you lose weight:

1. Your feet shrink. I've gone from a size 7-8 to a size 6.5. I thought this was just me until a weight-losing friend confirmed this.

2. Your navel changes shape. Seriously. Look at a person with toned stomach muscles, and you'll see that, at the very top, there's an upside-down half-moon shape of skin and their navel is shallow and oval-shaped. Seriously. You just look. I mean it.

3. You lose your ability to drink. Which would be logical given that I have lost around 13% of my original bodyweight, thus having less blood volume to dilute the booze.

More gems / random crap as and when I have time. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Louise! Happy new blog!

    (Umm, I knew that thing about the feet, actually - or at least, that they get wider / narrower as your weight changes...)