Sunday 20 September 2009

Moron Drivers, 1

Dear moron drivers I encountered today on the A1 northbound: The outside lane is intended for overtaking. Therefore, if you are not actually overtaking anyone, you should not be in it. Otherwise we end up with a long line of traffic in one lane, whilst I sit IN THE CORRECT LANE trying to keep my speed below 60mph so as not to undertake you. MOVE INTO THE FUCKING CORRECT LANE. And thus, the empty space in the inside lane will be filled, because the space on the road is being used more efficientl,y the flow of traffic will be faster, and general peace and harmony shall reign.

I swear, just driving a car brings out my inner Jeremy Clarkson. Which scares me.

In other news, I did a practice ride tonight out along the Coast Road. I'm in training for a cycling holiday in three weeks' time. Did one and a half hours on the bike today. So far I feel fine, we'll see how I feel tomorrow!


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  2. just thought i'd check the blog out and throw a few comments, they're like dog treats for bloggers!

    What bugs me on the motorways and dual carriageways are the impatient drivers who ram up your backside when you are already at or above the speed limit, then when a space opens up on the left they get into it to undertake you! Undertaking winds me up something rotten, not because it's dangerous or anything (is it?), just cos i know its against the rules! (by the way, Pete is my generic web handle, you kno me in meatspace thru comics, the one who's wife is expecting.)