Thursday 17 September 2009

Cake Obsession

Recently someone I know who reads this blog suggested it was missing a mention of cake, baking being one of my other passions. So,


The problem is, there is not a lot one may say about cake which is not boring, at least not to non-bakers, whose eyes tend to glaze over if one talks at length about the benefits of muscovado over soft brown sugar. I know this because it once happened when I was having a conversation with my Dad, which was a tad inconvenient since he was driving the car at the time. Cake is one of those things which is best appreciated with the mouth and not the eyes, which is a problem, barring some as yet unforeseen improvement in blogging technology. Still, should I think of something interesting to say about it, I will post it here. My next cake will probably be a Plum and Almond Sponge, should anyone be interested.

In other news, James The Invisible Wine-Giving Housemate has moved in. We still haven't met, but no doubt it will happen tonight.

And a contender for Best Metaphor of the Year: The Big Issue's film reviewer on a film whose name I've forgotten: "About as refreshing as a cup of warm treacle".

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