Saturday 14 March 2015

Unbiblical Thoughts, 2

Still continuing my reading of Psalms for Lent. Still finding it challenging. Perhaps the hardest thing to grasp is that the Old Testament was written in an age where the individual was less important than the tribe, and women and children less important than men. What mattered was not who you were. It was who you belonged to. I believe it's a testament to all the world's major religions that we can understand their essential truths, though those truths were written in an age when human ways of thinking about the world were utterly different.

I was recently reading Ursula Vernon's story about Susan Pevensie from the Narnia Chronicles, "Elegant and Fine", in which she comments "half my short stories turn up as 'Point of view of the woman in this otherwise well-known story'". I was recently rereading (taking a break from Psalms) one of the Bible's more familiar tales, which also has a lion in it; the book of Daniel.

I'd forgotten how the ending to the tale of Daniel in the lion's den was not that Daniel lived after the lions refused to eat him. It was that the king threw into the lion pit the advisors who told him to put Daniel in there.

Along with their wives and children.

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