Saturday 7 March 2015

Stuff We Learned At The Sunderland Comics Convention

Which was held last month in Seaburn, and was an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

  • The meaning of "Adamtine" by Hannah Berry. I asked her this, and it's related to a crossword clue mentioned in the book. One character is trying to fill in a crossword answer; the word in question is "Rhadamanthine", and the letters he doesn't have spell out "Adamtine". "Rhadamanthine" means "unfailingly just". Make of that what you will. More details here: ConSequential review.
  • Hannah Berry is awesome, and her next book "Livestock", is out next year.
  • The writers of 2000AD agree that the next Judge Dredd crossover should be Dredd meets the Doctor. As one of them pointed out, the great thing about Dredd is that he can be the bad guy, and he doesn't have to win. 
  • At least one writer of 2000AD would like Dredd to meet David Cameron, and the entire British Cabinet. Slowly and painfully.

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