Saturday 21 March 2015

So, Games Day Then...

It's Games Day at my house tomorrow. This concerns me since there appears to be no faster way to learn which of your friends are untrustworthy, unscrupulous, backstabbing fiends than playing Munchkin with them.

Yes, Alexi Conman, I am looking at you. And no, I haven't forgotten the whole Plutonium Dragon incident.

I've laid in supplies of beer, fizzy pop, pizza and cake, and ensured that we have the necessary individuals present:

  1. One frazzled gamesmaster,
  2. At least one person who has not played the game in question before, and wishes everyone would just be nice to them
  3. A couple of people who actually know how to play the game and will be nice to person 2.
  4. A couple of people who actually know how to play the game and will take the existence of person 2 as an opportunity to test out their backstabbing skills to the max*.
  5. Someone to sit in the corner and actually not play the game, but provide a running sarcastic commentary on all the players' bad decisions.

* I'm not naming names here, I'm just making a prediction based on how these things pan out. 'Cause, if you're not tough on the newbies, how will they learn to play the game? ::evil laugh::

Still, at least we're not playing these:5 Board Games That Ruin Friendships

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