Monday 19 May 2014

There Will Be Buns

I am by now well-known for my love of baking. Fortunately, many of my friends are known for their love of quality homemade baked goods, which is lucky because I bake for most of them (work, church, reading groups, etc) about once a month. I've taken to signing off the fortnightly text message reminder to one of my reading groups with "There will be buns", which has led to the following strange conversations, with me and a friend I'll call C:

Me: "See you all on Tuesday. There will be buns."
C: "There Will Be Buns? Is that the crap English remake of 'There Will Be Blood'?"
Me: "I. Drink. Your. Tetleys."

Me: "See you on Tuesday. There will be buns."
C: "The kind you sit on or the kind you eat?"
Me: "I advise not getting the two mixed up when taking a bite."
C: "True dat."

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