Sunday 22 December 2013

Water Dripping Off the Light

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you want to be leaving the house in a hurry, that is the moment when you will pause, think "Did I forget to turn the tap off?", and check the bathroom to find water dripping off the light fitting. Always a fun experience.

So far it seems to have been fixed (there's a reason I take the landlord of the flat above a bottle of wine for Christmas every so often), but I can't help being slightly alarmed at the thought I may be being haunted by a poltergeist who likes to make water drip off light fittings - it happened in the last-but-one house I lived in, too.

I've been hanging around on the Creepypasta website for a while; does it show? I came across this site via TvTropes, where I spend far too much time keeping myself awake and not doing any management assignments. An excellent repository of creepy stories, some of them are okay, some are very good, and one or two will, in the words of one reviewer, make you want to shriek, douse your computer with gasoline, set fire to it and fling it through the window. Seriously. Four words: "The Russian Sleep Experiment", rated "AAIIIEEE!" for gory, and one word, "Psychosis", rated "MeeMeeMee" ::rocking gently back and forth:: And don't even start me on "Smile Dog".

No, really. Don't.

And don't Click Reload, either.

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