Tuesday 23 February 2010

Nobody Said It Was Easy

No-one ever said it would be this hard.

Right now I am in two places. contemplating whether to stay or to go (another great song which is stuck in my head...). I truly love Newcastle and all the people I know here. On the other hand, if I am ever going to make a move, to push myself out of my comfort zone and take on a new challenge elsewhere, now is the best time.

This isn't a post with a conclusion, because I don't have one. Except perhaps that if the third decade of my life has taught me anything, it's that life is infinitely changeable, often in ways you didn't expect. Sometimes, it's best to enjoy the good times whilst they happening, but not to try to hang on to them when the world changes again.

So it goes.

I'm taking a weekend to think things through and decide on what to do, to clear out a few things that need clearing out and do a few things that need doing. In other, entirely unrelated news, I'm back on my bike. Cycling a little gingerly due to the presence of a few icy patches here and there, but this week I managed a full week of cycling to and from work, which hasn't happened since last year.

The diving season too will open up soon - it's too cold in the sea for me at present. I don't own or know how to use (yet) a drysuit, and even my semidry 7mm wetsuit with hood, gloves, and boots, ain't warm enough to be going in the North Sea in. Won't be too much longer, though, I hope!

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