Saturday 27 February 2010

Darn You, Ezra Koenig

Darn you for writing an extremely catchy song. Darn you for writing a song that gets stuck in my head. Darn you for writing a song that I was absentmindedly singing in the same room as my mother. Darn you for putting "Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?" in the chorus*.

Darn you, Ezra Koenig!

In other news, Muse are headlining Glastonbury. I am praying to the gods of music, starting now, that my team doesn't get the shift that clashes with their set. Please, please, please, Gods of Music. I am begging here.

* Though, this is still not as embarassing as when I was doing the washing up whilst at work and whilst listening to "Headfirst for Halos" on my MP3, started absentmindedly singing along to the chorus.

Don't ever do this, unless you want to be on the receiving end of some very funny looks and several concerned enquiries about the state of your mental health.

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