Saturday 14 February 2015

CyclingDiver Once More... Well Nearly

The first part of my blogging name is accurate again; I'm back on my bike, and very happy about it. I like cycling for a lot of reasons, partly the free transport, partly the ability to move heavy stuff around without knackering my back, but mostly for the same reason kids ride BMXs; it's just fun. Even if I did have to spend fifteen minutes with a headlamp, a tiny screwdriver and a lot of swearing to put the new battery into the bike computer's sensor.

I will be back swimming in the sea tomorrow. Not fully diving - the sea isn't really open for business just yet - but it's good training for when I'm back donning the drysuit to play with the seals. I also managed to run 5K without stopping the other day, and whilst doing this on the treadmill is not particularly impressive, it's still something I'm quite proud. All is well in the domain of CyclingDiver.

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