Monday 15 December 2014

Happiness Ain't Good For Blogging

Yep, it's the inevitable blogpost about not really having anything to blog about. I'm not really cycling or diving at the moment, due to the weather. It turns out that the very tiny downside of being secure in your job is that the war stories are less interesting. "I wrote a press release as part of the job I'm now sure I've got" is more fun for me, but less interesting to an audience than "Half of my team will get fired in a few months, and I might be one of them".

This is not a complaint.

I could try writing that "What It's Like To Be High-Functioning With Asperger's Syndrome And A Few Other Funny Personality Traits" article I keep meaning to do, but right now that doesn't seem like as much of a priority as getting on with Christmas.

Possibly Christmas will provide a few funny stories. Until then, I'll be entertaining myself by mastering the fine art of Munchkin. A game that can be best summed up by the following exchange between me and an experienced player during my first time playing it:

Me: "So, at this stage I could use this Wandering Monster card to send the Plutonium Dragon to defeat the coalition Alex has put together to fight the Bullrog, but my only reason for doing that would be to be a complete dick to Alex?"

Experienced gamer: "Yep, you're getting the hang of the game."

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