Thursday 19 June 2014

You Could Not Make It Up

I was recently asked what the mood in my office was like, following The Team Meeting. "Resignation with a side of gallows humour" was the best answer I could think of; we've reached the point where when someone says "I find gallows humour helps me cope", someone else says "Don't say that too loudly, next week there could be an actual gallows".

We did laugh quite a lot recently though, when it turns out that this month is Health and Wellbeing month in the office. We were all given a piece of paper and invited to write down three things that would improve our health and wellbeing at work.

I had to remind myself that you should only quote The Thick of It among other people who've watched it, as I think I shocked a couple of people by remarking that my employer expressing concern for my health and wellbeing whilst proposing to make half my team redundant in three months' time is a bit...

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