Tuesday 21 May 2013

Cartoon of the CyclingDiver

Been a busy month so far, as I continue to learn about management. Apparently the main side-effect of studying management and leadership theory is the need to resist the urge to go into your boss's office brandishing a textbook, pointing at it and saying "See, it says here you're doing this bit wrong".

On a more positive and less boring note, a good friend made me this rather excellent cartoon for my birthday. It now hangs in the bathroom, which has the vague theme "Sea". (The other themes in the house are:
  • Hallway = Cats
  • My bedroom = Travel
  • Living room = Nostalgia
  • Kitchen = Cross stitch
  • Spare room = Drying laundry
  • Cupboard under the stairs = Diving-related crap)
I especially like the diver in the top right hand corner :-)

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