Saturday 22 December 2012

So, Here We Are...

It's nearly Christmas and I'm heading south for the winter. The job application is in, and all that remains is for me to wish Merry Christmas to one and all, post this picture I took at Enchanted Parks this year, and share with you a few choice quotes from the year:

On navigation, whilst my car full of drivers attempts to navigate the roads of the island of Gozo:
Driver, approaching roundabout: "Do I need to turn left?"
Navigator, after staring at the map for a minute: "You can if you want to."
From the backseat: "You've got the map, man! You tell him where he needs to go!"

On music:
My brother, whilst DJ-ing, opn being asked to play Scooter:
[pause] "Sorry, love, I'll burn this place to the ground before I'll hear that shit played in here."

On office politics:
From a friend of mine: "I'd rather be a bull in a china shop than a viper lying in the grass."

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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