Saturday 24 November 2012

Onward and Ever ***ing Well Upward

Well, I'm sorry. I'd meant to do some writing about diving, maybe a bit more about Malta. But I'm stuck in a position where I'm applying for my own job for the third time in 21 months. I've caught the office cold, and I can't take sick leave as it would immediately count against me in the selection process - your sickness record is part of the scoring system.

In a twist I actually find amusing, I'm in charge of designing the system for analysing the responses people have to the Council's budget proposals. (Many of them are not terribly happy.) So I am helping my employer to consult on the very same proposals that may put me out of a job in a few months' time.

Just before Christmas.

If I do end up on the scrapheap, I fear my leaving speech may be based on that of Glenn Cullen:

Catch you on the flipside.

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