Saturday 25 February 2012

One of Life's Little Reminders

I normally abhor triteness, even when it happens in real life. I do not believe in fate for the same reason that I do not believe that God sits up there magically plotting a destiny for all of us, so that our only response to misfortune can be "God must have a reason". (Aged 15, a song that made a great impression on me was Chris Rea's "Tell Me There's A Heaven", and if you know my family's history, you'll know why his line "That every painful crack of bone, is a step along the way..." still makes me wince 15 years later.)

Wow, this post took a heavier turn that I expected. It began as follows. I was making my way home atop my trusty two-wheeled steed after a remarkably awful day at work. No amount of thinking "It could be worse" made an impact.

Until I saw the man dressed as an enormous pair of testicles (I swear I am not making this up) outside the Newcastle Centre for Sport, promoting the importance of men checking their bits for testicular cancer.

Like I said, I don't believe in cosmic coincidences. But I do believe you can take a lesson from your life's experiences.

Even if the lesson is just that no matter how bad your job is, it's still better than being dressed as a giant pair of testicles.

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