Tuesday 11 May 2010

Verdict on the Election (Have We Got a Government Yet?)

The best possible one-paragraph summary of the UK election from the incomparable Armando Iannucci:

"Nnnyaaaaaghwooohaaooooororarararararghhhhhhh. That's the message the electorate gave on Thursday. A long, angry, discordant noise that eventually became silly. Hence the result."

Full article here.

And from my office, the following email exchange, names changed to protect the guilty:

LINDSAY: "The proceeds of the office election sweepstake have gone to Matthew, for guessing a hung parliament with the majority of seats going to the Conservatives."

OLIVER: "What, you mean you're not offering double or nothing at the next election in autumn?"

More reflections on my experiences as Wielder of the Mighty 30cm Plastic Ruler of Democracy last Thursday (yes, I was a Presiding Officer again) as and when I get time.

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