Wednesday 21 April 2010

Warmth Comes to Newcastle

I was standing outside the City Library about 7.45pm recently, about to head down to the pub, when it occurred to me. We were all standing outside and not shivering. Somehow, almost without our noticing it, the freezing cold of January and February has given way to spring.
I love it. I hate to be cold more than almost anything else. At work I attract comments about my being part-lizard, since our office has the thermo-dynamic properties of a greenhouse, and when everyone else is panting and turning the fans on, I'm sitting there cheerfully smiling away going "Turned out nice again today, didn't it?". (Occasionally it surprises me that I chose to take up a hobby where I regularly plunge myself into cold water. Then again, when I do that I usually have nearly a centimetre of neoprene all round. It's still not pleasant, but the only way I can describe it is that when I dive, as indeed when I cycle in cold weather, I seem to be able to partially suspend the part of me that hates the cold in the interests of the joy of diving and cycling.)
So here is a nice picture of Newcastle in the spring:

And here are some bunnies. The Civic is tricking itself out in its spring finery, and indeed it can be a very pleasant walk in to work, as the duckling splash about on the pond, and the bunnies hop and gambol (safely) amid the bluebells and daffodils.

Life ain't so bad.

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