Tuesday 20 April 2010

Charlie Brooker on Valentine's Day

This is a slightly late post, but I don't feel it should wait another year before I put this on my blog. Seriously, read that headline. Does it not make you rub your hands in anticipation?

If not, you are obviously a less angry and bitter individual than I. My hatred of Valentine's Day is well known to any of my friends unfortunate enough to be standing near me when it rolls around. My logic has always been (in public) that if you're in a happy relationship, every day is Valentine's Day and you don't need people peddling crappy cards, overpriced flowers and chocolates and every restaurant in your local area racking its prices up to remind you. If you're not in a happy relationship, it will shine an unwelcome spotlight into every crack in your relationship and make you want to cry. If you're single and unhappy, it reminds you only too painfully.

(And yes, the private logic is: I've passed six Valentine's Days single now, which I never foresaw coming, two of which were associated with events of sufficient emotional pain - not just for me - that just thinking about them makes me want to run for the vodka. Yep, I'm single and bitter. As that well-known philosopher Chad Kroeger once sang, this life didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to be.)

Anyway, here's Charlie Brooker.

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