Sunday 18 October 2009

Back from a cycling holiday

Got back from my latest escapade on the bike last Sunday, it's taken until now for me to recover enough to post about it! Down from Edinburgh to Almouth over Friday to Sunday last week. 150 miles in three days, including one day (Saturday) with a 60-mile trip.

It was a mighty amount of fun, despite a grand total of seven punctures, and much beer was drunk.

More details as and when. In other news, I finally got round to putting reflective strips on my cycling gloves. There's a reason for this: I wear black gloves, and at night it's difficult for drivers to see my hand signals before I turn. Hopefully the reflective strips will solve this problem. For anyone wanting to do this themselves, it's surprisingly easy. Go to your local haberdashery shop (I used Fenwick's in Newcastle) and buy a strip of reflective / fluorescent ribbon and some double-sided iron-on backing, such as Bondaweb. All you need to do is cut strips of ribbon and Bondaweb, put them across the palm and back of the gloves, and iron them on with a medium-heat iron. Dead simple!

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