Wednesday 1 October 2014

Das Bierfest

Things We Learned At The Tynemouth Beer Festival

  • That undertakers are the most likely to survive in a zombie apocalypse. (We began by agreeing that midwifery, tax collecting and undertaking were the three most certain professions. But would undertakers be doomed if the dead returned to life? We agreed not - they are used to dealing with corpses, and have ready access to shovels, an excellent weapon against the undead in its combination of 'sharp wide metal blade' and 'long wooden handle'.)
  • That street food is a welcome addition to beer festivals. Seriously, I don't miss the days when greasy chips with "curry" sauce were the only food to be had. Give me a burger made from something that once went "moo", any day.
  • What a beer festival looks like when it runs out of beer. See photo. 
  • That ska-dancing is fun. 
  • There is never a bad time to play "Monkeyman".
And one thing we did not expect to hear:

"Hang on, are they out of beer?"
"It's alright! They've been to Tesco's!"

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