Sunday 13 April 2014

"Community" Blew Up My Television

Kind of old news, by now, but it deserves a mention. I'm about to start watching "Community" again, after a pause of about a year, but doing so with some trepidation.

I used to have a really old, cathode ray TV, that came with me from my old house. Buying a new TV was on the list of things to do at some point when I moved into the new flat. The decision was made for me when, halfway through an episode of "Community" the picture suddenly began getting smaller and smaller. I couldn't work out whether it was the TV or an effect from the episode, until I heard the "fzzt", smelled the burning wiring, and saw the smoke coming from the back of the set.

It probably says something that I was torn between two reactions when I saw this: "Quick! Unplug the TV", and "Man, if I don't get a picture of this, no-one will believe me!".

Anyway, I unplugged the TV, which didn't actually catch fire, although the smell of burnt electronics lingered for a few days. I now have a flatscreen, and will give "Community" another shot this weekend. If it blows up my TV again, I'm sending the producers the bill.

In other news, the boiler is fixed.

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