Tuesday 18 February 2014

Dryathlon Champion

Well, I have done the Dryathlon. Completely dry January, right up to the end. A lot of people asked me on Monday 3rd February, "How pissed did you get at the weekend?", but the honest answer is, "Not very". I had a glass of white wine, that was it - didn't feel like any more.

Did I learn anything? Mostly, that you don't need alcohol as much as you think you do. It's easy to get in the habit. Also, that whilst I can sit in the pub with my friends and a soft drink and still enjoy myself apart from the odd pang, it's surviving a whole day working on a budget consultation with no promise of a glass of Chardonnay at the end of it that's the challenge. In other words, my job drives me to drink.

Back drinking now, but more relaxedly. It's like I've realised, if you don't drink at a party, or on a weekend night... let it go. There's no compulsion. Just relax, and enjoy, with or without the booze.

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