Saturday 17 August 2013

Breaking Glass In Your Room Again

I really must get round to writing about Glastonbury some time soon. Weird stuff keeps happening; I'm doing a study course in Management and Leadership. (This might be of more relevance if my employer hadn't restructured and removed anyone I might conceiveably lead or manage, but there's always the option of moving.)

The seminars take place in the TUC office on Pilgrim Street in Newcastle. If you've caught the bus from there, you'll know it, as it's the big office block that sticks out near where the old cinema used to be. As with many places in town these days, it has empty offices.

During the break, I was wandering down the corridor to use the facilities when I heard a sound like someone hitting a wine glass with a spoon. It persisted, so I wandered to the end of the corridor and stuck my nose against the glass.

There, in the middle of an empty office, stood a man with his back to me. Smashing a wine glass with a spoon.

After the glass broke, he turned round. We exchanged queasy smiles.

I really hope that was an art project, and that building isn't just haunted by a man smashing a wine glass. With a spoon.

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