Tuesday 25 June 2013

Chased by a Giant Banana

You know those dreams where you’re being chased by something in a random location?

Recently I was chased around the main hall of the Eldon Leisure Centre by a giant banana carrying a golf club caddy.

Well okay, it wasn’t an actual banana. It was a man in a banana suit and we were doing circuits round the hall.

If you’re wondering, it was his 50th birthday. Apparently this chap is famous among the regular circuiteers for eating banana sandwiches in the sauna after a workout (…?), so for his birthday they insisted he wear a banana suit and carry a golf club caddy around whilst doing the circuits class. Later, they presented him with a cake in the shape of two women’s breasts, into which the instructor pushed his head whilst someone took a photo. Everyone kissed him on the cheek on the way out.

I understand that some people take drugs so that they can see weird things. Occasionally I wonder whether I can get some drugs that STOP me seeing weird things. Since I’ll be in Glastonbury next week for the festival, I may well need them. Back soon…

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