Saturday 23 February 2013

The Crackle of the Jacket

Just a short post this week. I'm back on my bike, and happily pedalling the highways and byways of Heaton (at least, I was, until it snowed!).

Truly, I am not really happy unless I'm on the bike on a regular basis. I need the endorphin rush, and the familiarity of pulling on my gear; thermal socks, balaclava and cycling jacket in Evil Fluorescent Yellow. Hey, I'm British - we're not comfortable with leisure pursuits that don't include a certain amount of physical discomfort. (See also: diving in the North Sea).

Best of all, I have discovered a route to work that does not involve the Chillingham Road / Coast Road roundabout. No longer must I take my life in my hands twice a day. Yes!

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