Saturday 26 January 2013


Well, following the drama of last week, here we are awaiting our results. As is ever the way with these things, nothing is ever simple; one of the interviewers (my boss, incidentally) has spent the week stuck in an industrial tribunal brought against our employer by someone who wasn't successful in the last round of interviews. Also, one of the people in the interview pool (or puddle, by now) is on sick leave and can't be interviewed until next week, so it looks like we won't know if we've got jobs until the week after next. I'm trying to resist the urge to solve this problem with alcohol.

Last week was interesting. The interview panel (my boss, the boss of the team we're merging with, who I know and work with often, and a female Director from another service who was there to add experience and gender balance to the panel) asked me the first two questions. The questions, looking back, were in the same order as on the person spec for our jobs.

Alas, this means that, for me, the first two questions were on my weakest areas. I knew this, and I rather suspect they knew this. Towards the end of the second question, I could hear myself gabbling on, and my heart was racing faster. As they asked the third question, I felt myself going light-headed, I was seeing spots in front of my eyes, and at this point it became clear that frantically telling myself "it's just nerves and they'll soon get onto the questions you can do better on" was not going to work. I said I was feeling very light-headed and could we take a few minutes? They agreed and my boss offered to accompany me outside for some fresh air. We walked out, I remember him offering me his arm, me saying "No, I'm okay", and the next time I knew I was coming round on the green carpet outside the office to the female Director asking "Does anyone know the recovery position?"

After a slight amount of debate, I persuaded them that I should go and sit on the sofas nearby, which I did. My boss made reassuring sounds and asked if I wanted to go back. At first I said yes, but then realised I was being stupid; I really didn't feel too great. He trotted off to retrieve my line manager, who appeared to escort me to Occupational Health.

Occy Health took my blood pressure, pronounced it excellent, and asked if I'd eaten. Answer: yes. (I don't function without breakfast.) They decided it was hyperventilation and advised me to drink water. A colleague of mine appeared and offered to take me over the road to Cafe Neros. I arranged with the interview panel to come back that afternoon once the other candidates had been interviewed.

A mocha and an oat and raisin cookie later, and I was back in the office with my manager sitting with me. I agreed that I'd like some company, so we sat and chatted until it was time for me to go back in. I sat outside whilst they kept me waiting for 15 minutes (this may have been unavoidable, but wasn't helpful!), then went back in.

As I'd thought, the remaining questions were better suited to me. i gave it my best shot, and walked out feeling much better.

I've done all I can. Now, we await the results.

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